What is arnainvest.com?

arnainvest.com is an investment fund focused exclusively on making investments in blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets easy and straightforward. The appearance of the blockchain protocol and services based on this technology to the mass public, created a strong movement towards investing in the new area. Availability and low entrance barriers, attract more and more investors. Future growth supported by high security, low fees, and transparency drives blockchain funds away from more traditional ones. Our platform built for investors who wish to explore more opportunities. This paper represents our vision of how blockchain investments should be made, and we are here to help you make a right decision.

What is our strategy?

The essence of the earnings is also transparent — we do hours of analytics before opening an order in any position, to minimize risks of losing the assets.
Short term investments
Our analytics have been doing constructive research prior every placed order. To reduce the risks, we conduct technical and fundamentals principles mutually.
ICO Investment
ICO Initial Coin Offering is another “new” and democratic way to get funds for your startups. It also gives a chance for investors, enter into the great projects on early stages, to guarantee high returns afterwards. We do daily researches and analysis on every single project on the market and pick best ones to invest.
Long Term Investments
Initial Coin Offering can be a rewarding investment when our team differentiates potentially lucrative projects in the long run versus scams
Mining cryptocurrency. We diversify our assets, and invest in Cryptocurrency farms.That gives us an opportunity to have a stable income even though the market is too volatile, and trading is twice risky than usual.

Our Team

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